My academic research and related consulting work focuses primarily on technology standards. Research focus areas include: a taxonomy of strategic approaches to standards taken by different firms; limitations on the effectiveness of patent disclosure rules in standards setting organizations; open hardware licensing models; the relationship between open source and open standards.

I recently left Intel Corporation, where (among other things) I had led the SIGs and Standards Practice Group. I am now taking on select projects on a contract basis. I maintain a Santa Clara, CA-based independent practice.

The logo above (which references an infamous standards-related event) links to the standardslaw.org site that I maintain. Also see my list of publications and select presentations.

Open Bike Inc. formed in October 2014 as a social benefit ("B") corporation focused on advancing the vision of the Open Bike Initiative project, which originally launched in January of 2013. OBI aims to transform bike sharing with an approach based on open hardware, open source software and open standards. Some articles about the effort can be found here and here. The logo above links to the OBI project site; check back soon for more information about the venture.

This site includes a brief professional bioLinkedIn is the best source for additional professional information about me. My Google+ page has a collection of links to other relevant sites. BikePortland has a recent photo of me. Desert Biofuels Initiative is a non-profit that I founded and ran for several years. Intel Corp. has a nice video highlighting a key DBI project: building an algae bioreactor on an Intel fab to capture CO2, grow algae, and make biofuel. 

This is the personal site for Brad Biddle. I am the founder of Open Bike Inc. and am a Visiting Scholar at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, OR. I also maintain a limited independent consulting practice focused on technology standards.   

This site provides background information related to these projects, plus links to some other relevant sites. It also includes a list of my publications and presentations, a brief professional biography, and details for contacting me.