A unique legal practice focused on interoperability standards and software.

Biddle Law P.C. focuses on facilitating interoperability in technology ecosystems. Our clients include major global standards-setting organizations, Fortune 100 information technology companies, and emerging software and hardware start-ups. Firm principal Brad Biddle engages with clients independently and, as needed, collaboratively with specialized co-counsel. Biddle Law offers a comprehensive set of legal services for standards development organizations, open source software and hardware initiatives, and large and small firms navigating interoperability challenges. 


Brad has presented on standards, open source, and other technology topics in forums all over the globe.​

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Brad led Intel Corporation's SIGs and Standards Practice Group, and has engaged on hundreds of different standards and open source efforts.
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Brad taught technology standards as an adjunct professor at ASU Law, ​was a Fellow at Stanford Law, and is a Visiting Scholar at L&C Law.
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Biddle Law offers legal and consulting services for standards development organizations, open source initiatives, and large and small firms . ​
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Standards and Open Source Law



Brad has written extensively on standards and other technology topics, in academic journals and elsewhere.​

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​Licensed in California and Oregon, Brad bases his practice in Portland, Oregon, a dynamic hub for standards and open source activity.
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