Selective engagements with co-counsel enable comprehensive solutions for clients

Brad has strategic relationships with two law firms to provide legal services in connection with issues that require particular specialized expertise, large law firm resources, or just "backup." When appropriate, Brad can coordinate specific engagements between his clients and experts at these firms. Brad can and does also work collaboratively with other counsel as needed to enable the right legal support structure for each client.‚Äč

International IP Law Group is a patent boutique based in Houston, Texas. Brad and IIPLG partner Barry Blount have a long history of collaboration on complex matters involving patents and standards. Among other things, Brad and Barry have developed a unique approach to help companies quickly and cost-effectively assess standards-related patents risks in connection with mergers and acquisitions. 

Ater Wynne is highly respected full service law firm based in Portland, Oregon. The firm is widely known for its support of innovative technology companies. Ater Wynne provides global trademark registrations, manages corporate filings and other corporate maintenance matters, and has deep experts in employment law, IP, corporate securities, non-profit law, China and other international jurisdictions, litigation, and other matters. Ater Wynne partner Frank Curci and Brad have aligned to offer a unique support model for standards developers, drawing from the deep experience of each and leveraging their complementary skills and interests. Read the Portland Business Journal article about the strategic alignment between C. Bradford Biddle, P.C. and Ater Wynne here, and see Ater Wynne's Technology Consortia practice page here.


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