Law Seminars International - FRAND Obligations and Essential Patent Licensing. Nov. 2015. "Practical issues in FRAND licensing and resolving FRAND disputes." Slides (.pdf).

Panel: SEPs and Standardization. IEEE-SIIT 2015. Sunnyvale, CA. Oct. 2015. Presenting ‘5 Reasons’ paper. Slides in .pptx or .pdf.

Pacific Intellectual Property Scholars (PIPS) III Conference. Seattle, WA. Feb. 2015. Discussed patent disclosure research.

National Bureau of Economic Research, Standards, Patents & Innovation Conference. Tucson, AZ, Jan. 2012. Discussed empirical research in technology standards.

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) roundtable "IPR and Global Standards Ecosystem: Discussion with Government Agencies."  Washington, DC, Oct. 2011.  Presented "How Many Standards" paper.

 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Subcommittee on Standard and Conformance’s Project Advisory Group on Education and the American National Standards Institute’s Committee on Education joint workshop “Opportunities and Challenges for Education on Standardization in Universities.” Washington, DC, Feb. 2011.  Discussed ASU Law Technology Standards Seminar course.

ITU-T Kaleidoscope Conference, Pune, India, Dec. 2010.  Presented "How Many Standards" paper at peer-reviewed global academic conference. Paper here; slides here.

Standards and Consortia Roundtable, Tempe, AZ, Jan. 2010.  Chaired organizing committee and led panel discussion at academic conference hosted by ASU Law's Center for Law, Science and Innovation. 

Ignite Phoenix, Tempe, AZ, Feb. 2009.  5-minute/20 slide Ignite-format presentation: "How Open-Source Biofuels Will Change Phoenix and the World."  

Computers, Freedom and Privacy '08, New Haven CT, copyright filtering panel.  May '08. 

U.N. Internet Governance Forum, A2K Dynamic Coalition session, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Presentation, "Balanced IP Promotes Tech Innovation."  November 2007.

Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Interoperability and eInnovation. Invited workshop participant.  June 2007.

Yale University School of Law, A2K2 Conference, New Haven CT.  Panelist, “Mobilizing Industry.”  April 2007.

Arizona State University School of Law, Tempe AZ, Panelist: “Analyzing Grokster.”  October 2005.

South By Southwest 2001., Austin, TX. Lecture: "Peer to Peer: The Opportunity, the Threat and the Law."  March 2001.

Glasser Legalworks E-Commerce Law School 2000, Palo Alto, CA.  Panel: "Protecting and Exploiting Intellectual Property Online." June 2000.

Thunderbird/American Graduate School of International Management, Global Management in a Digital World Executive Education Seminar, Phoenix, AZ. Presentation: "The Nuts and Bolts of E-Business: Managing Key Relationships." May 2000.

Internet Music Summit, Spring 1999 Internet World, San Jose, CA.  Lecture "Navigating the Licensing Minefield" addressed issues related to distributing music on the Internet.  April 1999.

Glasser Legalworks Cyberspace Law School 1998, Palo Alto, CA. Lecture "Making Electronic Commerce Secure" addressed cryptography and authentication issues. Dec. 1998.

TechLaw Group,  Pittsburgh, PA.  Presentation on e-commerce security issues for international consortium of technology law firms. September, 1998.

NetWorld+InterOp 98 (SoftBank, Ziff-Davis), Las Vegas, NV.  Panel presentation on copyright issues raised by Web caching technology and techniques.  May, 1998.

American Bar Association, San Diego, CA.  Panel presentation at Section of Tort and Insurance Practice Section Spring Meeting "What Every Lawyer Should Know About Copyright Law." May 1998.

Internet Law and Policy Forum (ILPF), Seattle, WA.  Presented Report of the ILPF Working Group on Certification Authority Practices.  January, 1998.

LEXIS Counsel Connect.  Panelist on Fifth Annual Law of the Electronic Road Seminar.  August, 1997.

American Bar Association, Boston, MA. Panelist for discussion of "Developments in Cyberspace Law" at Section of Business Law Spring Meeting. March, 1997.

1997 Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference, San Francisco, CA. Presented 10 Public Policy Questions paper.  March, 1997.

Electronic Payments Forum, San Diego, CA.  Presentation on digital signature legislation.  January, 1997.

​The Common Solutions Group, Berkeley, CA.  Presentation on digital signature legislation.  December, 1996.​

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